Graduate Course Three-Quarter Planner

Academic Year 2015-2016

Autumn, 2015:

Geog 500, Geographic Thought (Jarosz)
Geog 505, China Seminar (Chan)
Geog 572, Research Seminar: Queer Geographies (Brown)
Geog 580, Medical Geography (Mayer)
Geog 582, GIS Data Management (Nyerges)


Winter, 2016:

Geog 541, Feminist Geographies Seminar (England)
Geog 553, Research Seminar: Cultural Geographies (Mitchell)
Geog 554, Nature-Society Relations Seminar (Biermann)
Geog 555, Culture, Place, and Politics (Knopp)
Geog 562, Coastal GIS (Nyerges)
Geog 576, Racial Formations and Post-Colonialism (Ybarra)


Spring, 2016:

Geog 513, Proposal Writing Seminar (Ellis)
Geog 521, Critical GIS Seminar (Bergmann)
Geog 526, Advanced Quantitative Methods (Withers)
Geog 542, Seminar: Social and Population Geography (Lawson)
Geog 578, Theorizing Cities Seminar (Elwood)