Additional Readings and Resources

Campus Resources for Diversity and Inclusion

Here we offer links to campus programs committed to diversity and inclusion across the university community, including staff, students, and faculty in a variety of roles.

Critical Resources

UW Funding and Mentorship Opportunities

Graduate and Professional Programs

 Undergraduate Programs

  • Center for Experiential Learning and Diversity Programs: Develops reciprocal partnerships with students, communities, mentors, and faculty, in order to help students take academic risks, actively engage in their own learning, explore the world and their place in it, and develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their goals.
  • Diversity Minor in the College of Arts and Sciences: Offers courses for Diversity Minor and provides links to resources on different aspects of diversity.
  • Instructional Center: Promotes the academic achievement, retention and successful graduation of under-represented minority, first-generation college and economically disadvantaged students and to improve their chances of gaining admission to graduate and professional schools. 
  • Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity (OMAD): Creates pathways for diverse populations to access postsecondary opportunities, nurture and support their academic success, and cultivate a campus climate that enriches the educational experience for all.
  • Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center: An inclusive and affirming space that cultivates a transformative student experience.

Additional Resources and Information

  • D-Center: A space and community where students can celebrate disability and D/deaf pride and foster community at the UW and beyond.
  • Disability Resources for Students: Recognizes disability as an aspect of diversity that is integral to society and to our campus community. DRS serves as a partner in fostering an inclusive and equitable environment for all University of Washington students.
  • IDEA Center: Activities and training on intergroup dialogue (a social justice approach that foregrounds societal power relations of domination- subordination and creative possibilities for engaging with and across differences).
  • Dream Project Leadership/educational support for high school students: Engages undergrads, pages include teaching resources.
  • International Student Services: Advising on visa and immigration, academics, housing, taxes and general student life for international students, funding support for International Students.
  • Native Life and Tribal Relations: Seeks to centralize the Native-focused resources available on the University of Washington’s campus in Seattle.
  • Office of Research: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: DEI areas of focus for action include inclusive hiring and promotion practices; inclusive communications and messaging; university climate and culture; and identifying funding resources.
  • OMAD's DACA FAQ page: Provides information on the rescission of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.
  • UW Diversity Main page: Promotes diversity. Include links to many other diversity-related programs at the UW.
  • Q Center: Facilitates a “brave, affirming, liberatory, and celebratory environment for students, faculty, staff, and alumni of all sexual and gender orientation, identities, and expressions.”
  • UW Race and Equity Initiative: Provides resources and information related to race and equity on campus from across the UW community.
  • Women’s Center: Promotes gender equity and social justice on campus and in the larger community.

Funding Opportunities for Students

  • American Association of Geographers
    • Darrel Hess Community College Scholarship:Two $1,500 scholarships to be awarded to students from community colleges, junior colleges, city colleges, or similar two-year educational institutions who will be transferring as geography majors to four year colleges and universities.
  • American Planning Association
  • Data-science

UW Listservs for Diversity Resources

Suggested Readings

This list is based on input from geography department members, as well as resources used in recent workshops by the Graduate School’s Office of Equity and Justice.

Other Resources on Race and Inclusion

The resources provided here reflect the diversity we experience beyond the confines of our academic environment, and are geared towards engendering greater cohesion and inclusion within a broader sphere of living.