Graduation Policies and Procedures

Congratulations on completing your graduation application. Please note: completing this form does not mean you have graduated; you only graduate when you satisfy all departmental and general education requirements and complete 180 credits. Once you meet those requirements this should be the last form you need to file in order to graduate on your specified date.

Filing this form entitles you to two quarters’ worth of priority registration, which you must use on the first registration day of each of the next two quarters.

You must either graduate in the quarter listed on your graduation application or you must change your intended graduation quarter. Failure to either graduate or change your graduation quarter will result in a block on your registration. If you want to change your quarter of graduation or discuss ways to finish your degree elsewhere, contact Geography Advising.

UW Commencement Ceremony

Students who earned a degree in Summer 2018, Autumn 2018, or Winter 2019, or have applied to graduate with a departmental adviser for Spring 2019 or Summer 2019, are eligible to participate in university’s June 15, 2019, graduation ceremony. The Commencement event will list the names of graduates from Summer 2018 through Spring 2019. While Summer 2019 graduates may walk at this year’s Commencement, their names will not be listed in a program until the following year’s Commencement. Beginning in May, you will be directed to a website to order caps and gowns, rings, graduation announcements, etc. For all pertinent ceremony information, please visit the Commencement website by clicking here.

Department of Geography Graduation Ceremony

You will receive an invitation to take part in Geography’s annual awards and graduation ceremony and reception, to be held Thursday, June 13, 2019, 1:30-3:30pm (doors open at 1:00pm), in the Hogness Auditorium in the UW Medical Center. You may bring a reasonable number of friends and family, and registration is requested. Attire ranges from caps and gowns to “business casual." The ceremony will run for approximately one hour, and a reception will follow until 3:30pm in the adjoining Health Sciences Lobby.

Please direct all questions to:

Nell Gross
(206) 543-3246

Amelia Schwartz
(206) 543-7793