People - Faculty

Professor / (206) 616-5238
Office Hours: On research leave, July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024
SMI 412E
Professor and Harry Bridges Endowed Chair in Labor Studies / (206) 685-2509
Office Hours: See the syllabus or by appointment
Smith 406b
Assistant Teaching Professor
Associate Professor / 206-616-9064
Office Hours: By appointment
Smith 12

Emeritus Faculty

People - Full Directory
Name Title Email/Phone Office Hours
Harrington, James Professor Emeritus (UW Tacoma)
Jarosz, Lucy Professor Emeritus
Knopp, Jr., Lawrence M. Professor Emeritus (UW Tacoma)
Lawson, Victoria Professor Emeritus
Mayer, Jonathan Professor Emeritus
Nyerges, Timothy Professor Emeritus
ZumBrunnen, Craig Professor Emeritus

Adjunct/Affiliate Faculty

People - Full Directory
Name Title Email/Phone Office Hours
Adeyemi, Kemi Adjunct Professor
Aggarwal, Sunil Kumar Affiliate Professor By appointment
Anderson, Christian Adjunct Professor
Bergmann, Luke Affiliate Professor
Braden, Kathleen Affiliate Professor
Brown, Dan Adjunct Professor
Cohen, Spencer Affiliate Assistant Professor
Conway, Richard Affiliate Professor
Cram, Shannon Adjunct Professor
Dunbar, Matthew Affiliate Professor
Freshour, Carrie Affiliate Professor
García, María Elena Adjunct Professor
Gardner, Benjamin Adjunct Professor
Goodchild, Michael Affiliate Professor
Hashimoto, Yui Affiliate Assistant Professor
Jung, Jin-Kyu Adjunct Professor
Lopez, Santiago Adjunct Professor
Lucero, Jose Antonio Adjunct Professor
Malone, Melanie Adjunct Assistant Professor
Moskal, L. Monika Adjunct Professor
Piedalue, Amy Affiliate Professor
Rodríguez-Silva, Ileana Adjunct Professor
Romero, Adam Adjunct Professor