Study Abroad

We strongly encourage our undergraduate geography majors to take advantage of UW’s hundreds of great study abroad opportunities. Although we do not offer any study abroad programs directly through our department, we are eager to work with our students who complete geography courses while abroad.

Course Credits

Students can receive credits that count for the geography major in the two following ways:

1) Direct equivalency courses

If you take a course while abroad that directly mirrors a course offered in our department (e.g., Introduction to Globalization), the advising office will work with you to get those credits transferred back into UW as the equivalent course (e.g., Geog 123: Introduction to Globalization).

2) Geography courses that have no UW Geography equivalent

To encourage our students to enhance their geographic perspectives and education while studying abroad, our department has created a sequence of study abroad courses—Geog 198, 298, 398, and 498—that can be assigned to your geography coursework abroad following your return to UW. Such courses are handled on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Undergraduate Program Committee. You are encouraged to make an appointment with the advising office to discuss possible geography coursework abroad and how it might contribute to your major requirements.

Study Abroad Opportunities

Visit the UW Study Abroad website for more information and opportunities to study abroad. There are also opportunities to study abroad through the Department of Comparative History of Ideas (CHID).