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In the most recent issue of the UW College of Arts & Sciences newsletter Perspectives, Geography Ph.D. candidate Lee Fiorio is profiled for his use of social media data in research on "migration across the US and the globe." Please click here to read the full article!
DAPL in geographical and historical context - Author: Isaac Rivera
The Department of Geography congratulates first-year Ph.D. student Isaac Rivera for receiving a Digital Humanities Summer Fellowship from the Simpson Center for the Humanities! The Simpson Center's website states "Digital Humanities Summer Fellowships support scholars pursuing research projects that use digital technologies in innovative and intensive ways and/or explore the historical, social, aesthetic, and... Read more
Map of Evictions in Pierce County from 2017
"Washington is in the midst of an eviction crisis that is devastating communities of color." So state the findings of "The state of evictions: results from the University of Washington Evictions Project," a living website created by a team of University of Washington researchers including eScience postdoctoral fellow Timothy A. Thomas, iSchool lecturer Ott Toomet, Department of Sociology graduate student Ian Kennedy, and the Department of... Read more
Sophia Nelson on public transportation in New York City
Capping off UW geography major Sophia Nelson's senior year, an internship with King County Metro Transit couldn't have come at a better time! While Sophia applied to be an intern with King County Metro last spring, perseverance and patience paid off when the current position became available this winter! Now, Sophia is "developing a geodatabase for community assets, and helping to conduct spatial analysis to determine equity impacts of transit planning projects around King County." Here, Sophia... Read more
Portrait of Melissa Espinoza
Researching homelessness, social control, and encampments in Seattle, last month UW Geography and Comparative History of Ideas alum Melissa Espinoza finished project managing the point-in-time count for All Home King County, while conducting fieldwork for a Ph.D. at Heriot-Watt University in Scotland. In this role, Espinoza worked "across King County with different community members, city workers, policy writers, people with lived homelessness experience and... Read more
Students in GEOG 478 in autumn quarter
In autumn quarter, geography Ph.D. candidate Kristy Copeland offered a new iteration of GEOG 478 Social Justice and the City. While the class has been on the books for some time, Copeland took this opportunity to revise the course "away from its former urban planning focus in cities around the world toward a focus on local social justice responses across many sectors (local government, non-profit industrial complex, grassroots organizers, private sector)." Clearly this iteration has been a... Read more
Graphic of man hunched over with rope around his body indicating lower back pain
Writing in the January 2019 issue of Health Affairs, Professor of Geography and Epidemiology Jonathan Mayer describes his "haunting experience with untreated pain" following damage to a major nerve during surgery and the drive that propelled him "to demand better education about and treatment for pain." Titled "'Pain Behavior': What My Pain Treatment Got Wrong," the article has been rippling out through the media and Professor... Read more
Photography of Student Henry James Campion Standing on the Beach at Alki in West Seattle
Here, in his own words, geography exchange student Henry Campion describes his experience studying abroad at UW: Deciding to study at the University of Washington: "My name’s Henry and I’m an exchange student from the University of Bristol, currently undertaking my third year of a geography degree here at UW. I’m British, from Worcester (near Birmingham) and last came to the U.S. when I was three, my only memory being the Dumbo ride at the Disney resort in Florida! I like to... Read more
Union Slough, on the University of Washington campus, is the outlet of Ravenna Creek.
Drawing on the study of anthropology, geomorphology, political ecology, and speculative fiction, undergraduates and graduate students alike are enjoying a brand-new autumn quarter course taught by geography graduate student Rob Anderson in collaboration with Professor Cleo Woelfle-Erskine. "Imaginative and Critical Restoration Ecologies," launched through the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs (SMEA) and Comparative History of Ideas (CHID), aims to examine ecological restoration from an... Read more