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Graphic of man hunched over with rope around his body indicating lower back pain
Writing in the January 2019 issue of Health Affairs, Professor of Geography and Epidemiology Jonathan Mayer describes his "haunting experience with untreated pain" following damage to a major nerve during surgery and the drive that propelled him "to demand better education about and treatment for pain." Titled "'Pain Behavior': What My Pain Treatment Got Wrong," the article has been rippling out through the media and Professor... Read more
Photography of Student Henry James Campion Standing on the Beach at Alki in West Seattle
Here, in his own words, geography exchange student Henry Campion describes his experience studying abroad at UW: Deciding to study at the University of Washington: "My name’s Henry and I’m an exchange student from the University of Bristol, currently undertaking my third year of a geography degree here at UW. I’m British, from Worcester (near Birmingham) and last came to the U.S. when I was three, my only memory being the Dumbo ride at the Disney resort in Florida! I like to... Read more
Union Slough, on the University of Washington campus, is the outlet of Ravenna Creek.
Drawing on the study of anthropology, geomorphology, political ecology, and speculative fiction, undergraduates and graduate students alike are enjoying a brand-new autumn quarter course taught by geography graduate student Rob Anderson in collaboration with Professor Cleo Woelfle-Erskine. "Imaginative and Critical Restoration Ecologies," launched through the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs (SMEA) and Comparative History of Ideas (CHID), aims to examine ecological restoration from an... Read more
Portrait of Jody Nguyen Tran
With graduation coming up next year, senior geography major Jody Nguyen Tran reflects on her three years of involvement with the Vietnamese Student Association at UW (VSAUW). While Jody "originally wanted to join" in her first year, she found that she "never had the courage to leave my comfort zone to join a new club. But during my second year, I had a friend who went to school out-of state telling me about her experience at the VSA at... Read more
Portrait of Professor Kim England
The Department of Geography offers our congratulations to Professor Kim England, who has just been named the new Harry Bridges Endowed Chair in Labor Studies! Professor England's research spans feminist, economic, social and political geographies, and the interconnections between inequalities, social reproduction and the state, primarily in urban North America. Professor and Chair of the geography department, Sarah Elwood, notes that Professor England is "particularly well suited for the... Read more
Students at Mitre’s Monument in La Isla – Recoleta
Last summer, recent geography Ph.D. graduate Mónica Farías and graduate student Elizabeth Shoffner accompanied a group of undergraduate students on a Study Abroad visit to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Titled "Political Landscapes of Buenos Aires," the program was intended to help students "understand cities as evolving, complex and contested landscapes shaped by––and with the power to shape–neoliberal measures and policies." Student participants had the opportunity to take classes, attend talks,... Read more
Portrait photo of undergraduate geography major Tanner Heslop
Building upon his previous experience as an intern with Time Value Investments, UW geography major Tanner Heslop is now Marketing Director and is involved with investment management at this firm that specializes in public funds investing. Here, Tanner considers how his current role and future plans may have unexpected connections to the major. A “day-in-the-life”: My primary duty at Time Value Investments surrounds the production of... Read more
Geography student Kevin Ho at Tolt-River Natural Area
Last spring, UW geography major Kevin Ho was nearing the end of his program when he says he “was casually checking out HuskyJobs with no real intent of applying for any internships/jobs when I stumbled upon this internship at King County Parks.” Now a GIS Asset Management Intern at King County, Parks Division, Kevin shares with us his reflections on the experience so far (spoiler alert: he’s enjoying... Read more
Five students looking at a laptop computer as they work on their community project for the South King County Food Coalition.
A recent UW News article exploring innovators within higher education featured our GIS Workshop - GEOG 469 - and its unique service learning approach to "critical community issues." Please... Read more
Grad Cohort 2018
Welcome to our newest graduate student cohort!  You'll find their biographies below... Estelle Broyer MSEE, Electronics Engineering, CPE Lyon (France); BA, Integrated Social Sciences, UW. Research interests: economic geography; urban, social and political geography; women in technology; class and gender discrimination; racism; poverty and homelessness in American cities; urban segregation; regional focus: United States. I have worked for 15 years in the semiconductor industry (mostly in Silicon... Read more