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David Abernathy
"Big data is upon us. With the 'internet of things' now a reality, social scientists must get to grips with the complex network of location-based data in order to ask questions and address problems in an increasingly networked, globalizing world." Professor David Abernathy, 2000 Geography Ph.D. graduate, recently published Using Geodata and Geolocation in the Social Sciences: Mapping Our Connected World. Abernathy is a Professor of Global Studies at Warren Wilson... Read more
Geography undergraduates Kory Van Dyke, Lauren Thompson, and Nick Sun’s research on homeless encampments has been featured in the latest issue of Real Change. As a team in GIS Workshop, the students mapped out complaints concerning encampments in Seattle. They discovered that the city is more likely to get complaints about an encampment when it is within 150 feet from high-traffic areas and complaints more likely happen in particular neighborhoods like South Lake Union and Wallingford... Read more
Junior Geography major Catherine Kato spent much of her summer sifting through garbage, recycling, and compost bins. As an intern with Recycle Corp at Waste Management’s northwest division in Kirkland, she worked alongside a team of thirteen other interns to promote proper recycling, composting, and waste reduction. Part of her work involved carefully sorting through various receptacles to calculate diversion rates, the percentage of waste deposited in correct bins. One unfortunate finding for... Read more
Aquila Flower
"Fires and Insect Outbreaks: What Can Tree Rings Tell Us About Synergy Between Forest Disturbances?" Dr. Aquila FlowerAssistant Professor of Geography Department of Environmental StudiesHuxley College of the EnvironmentWestern Washington University Abstract: The assumption that insect outbreaks increase the risk of subsequent wildfires is a commonly invoked narrative and is often used in justifications for more intensive forest management practices. However, little is actually known about the... Read more
James Senseney running
Geographers James Senseney and Menno Sennesael competed in the 2017 Ski to Sea race earlier this year. Ski to Sea is an impressive multisport relay race composed of eight modes of transport, beginning on Mt. Baker and ending in Bellingham Bay. The event begins with cross-country skiiing on Mt. Baker and continues with a leg of downhill skiing or snowboarding. Farther down the mountain toward Puget Sound, the race continues with a running segment, which James Senseney completed. This is followed... Read more
Julie Podmore
"Queering Canada’s Suburbs"Dr. Julie Podmore Chair- Department of Geography, John Abbott College Affiliate Assistant Professor- Department of Geography, Planning and Environment, Concordia University Abstract: One in nine American prisoners is serving a life sentence. This little-noticed aspect of U.S. incarceration policy generates massive and unwanted implications, not least for the life-sentenced themselves, who suffer under the most severe of social castigations. Yet despite their... Read more
In partnership with her work with NWDC Resistance, Professor Megan Ybarra created a documentary short called “Hunger Strikes: A Call to End Immigrant Detention,” a film that details the hunger strikes at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma. It is featured as part of A Hunger Strikers Handbook, a project by NWDC Resistance. Ybarra's work was supported by a grant from the Antipode Foundation. To learn more and watch the documentary click... Read more
Kory combining physical and digital mapping
Kory VanDyke, undergraduate Geography major, spent his summer mapping out a youth camp in the Cascades by gathering GIS data in the field as well as utilizing secondary data online. Here is what Kory has to say about his experience: Over the summer, I got the opportunity to create some maps for a youth camp near North Bend called Camp Waskowitz. This map-making experience was unique in that it had me not only using secondary GIS data available online but also collecting primary data by... Read more
Arianna Muirow
Geography Ph.D. candidate Arianna Muirow was recently awarded a fellowship through The Henry M. Jackson Leadership Fellows Program for the work she is doing as the Communications and Policy Director for Food Action. The program is designed to support the leadership development of young professionals in Seattle working in fields of international affairs, human rights, environment and natural resources management, energy, and public service. The Jackson... Read more
Judie lives with her partner and three dogs in Los Angeles
UW Today has posted the following piece about a paper by Victoria Lawson and Kathryn Gillespie, from the Department of Geography. Read about their work here.