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Tree with big branches and substantial root system
While all students majoring in geography are introduced to the basics of social science research design in GEOG 315 Explanation & Understanding in Geography, a small group had the opportunity to apply these concepts while researching their ancestry in a brand-new course. Now called "Genealogical Geographies," GEOG 455 brings together historical geography with spatial genealogy as the brainchild of a partnership... Read more
Geography Graduate Student Emma Gause Meets with U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams
In early June, first-year geography M.A. student Emma Gause was invited to meet with U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams, whose "Spotlight on Opioids" draws on research directly related to Gause's areas of developing expertise. Touring around the U.S. to draw attention to this topic, Dr. Adams visited the School of Public Health where Gause is concurrently completing an M.S. in Epidemiology while working as a Graduate Student Research... Read more
Geography Graduate Student Soohyung Hur Presents a Talk Titled "The caring ‘cosmopolitans’: Young people’s national paths to international development"
In early May, the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies and the Department of Geography were pleased to present Taking Care: A Conference for Engaging the Politics, Processes, and Ethics of Care Work. This two-day gathering featured scholars primarily from around the Pacific Northwest and Canada and was organized by geography professor Kim England, the Harry Bridges Endowed Chair of Labor Studies, with graduate students Samantha... Read more
Geography Alum Matt Manolides Standing Outside of Google Offices
From his first class on Economic Geography with now-Professor Emeritus William (Bill) Beyers, Matt Manolides was "hooked"! At the time, Manolides had reached the stage in his UW career in which he was encouraged to declare a major, and geography - particularly the GIS, Mapping & Society track - proved to be "an interesting combination of [his] interest in economics and interpreting data." Now, looking back on his pathway from geography major to... Read more
Nathaniel Aune, Matt Seungju, Gordon DeLap and Hayden Hong, “YES 2 SCS”
The annual Geography Undergraduate Research Symposium, organized by Undergraduate Advisor Julian Barr, this year featured six papers in two sessions and 11 team presentations! Showcasing topics as varied as "Participatory Mapping for Community Engagement and Empowerment" and “Pasco Park Equity,” students from geography and other majors presented the results of projects that took as little as one quarter and as much as a full... Read more
Portrait of Laudelina Campos de Melo, the founder of the first domestic workers association in Brazil in 1936
The Department of Geography is delighted to announce that Ph.D. Candidate Caitlin Alcorn has been awarded the Susan Hanson Dissertation Proposal Award from the American Association of Geographers' (AAG) Geographic Perspectives on Women (GPOW) specialty group! The award "honors Susan Hanson, a past President of the AAG, whose scholarship has been key to extending understandings of the intersections of gender and geography. It seeks to highlight a Ph.D.... Read more
View of the Puget Sound and Discovery Park Lighthouse in Seattle
Nearing the end of the first year in the geography graduate program, M.A. student Amelia Schwartz has established a balance that seems to be working well: "I’ve figured out a way of rarely working outside of 9-5 weekdays on school. When I work on readings, I try to do them outside, or at least in comfy clothes somewhere relaxing. To keep myself from GIS burnout, I often like to create maps simply for the fun of it, with no requirements or anxiety about perfection. On weekends, my boyfriend and... Read more
Geography Major Ji Hae Walks on a New York City Street
Finishing up her first year at UW, geography major Ji Hae Hong has made the most of her short time on - and off - campus! Currently studying abroad in Leon, Spain, with the Department of Spanish & Portuguese Studies, Ji Hae spends four hours per day studying the Spanish language, with plenty of time left for exploring the city. And in the autumn, Ji Hae heads abroad once more for a quarter studying... Read more
Student Lexi Nims Testifies in Front of State Legislature
Having learned about the recent measles outbreak in GEOG 280 Geography of Health & Healthcare, UW sophomore Lexi Nims "found it fascinating to watch the geographical clustering of vaccine-hesitant parents in our state." So fascinating, in fact, that Lexi began to follow House Bill 1638 "Promoting immunity against vaccine... Read more
Sean Harding, double major in geography and communication, recently completed an internship as a legislative reporter in Olympia. Here are Sean’s reflections of his time there and how both of his majors helped him with his work: “Last winter quarter, I participated in the Department of Communication’s Olympia Legislative Reporting Program. There, I spent about ten weeks as an Olympia Bureau Reporter for the Washington Newspaper Publishers Association reporting on proceedings taking place inside... Read more