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View of the Puget Sound and Discovery Park Lighthouse in Seattle
Nearing the end of the first year in the geography graduate program, M.A. student Amelia Schwartz has established a balance that seems to be working well: "I’ve figured out a way of rarely working outside of 9-5 weekdays on school. When I work on readings, I try to do them outside, or at least in comfy clothes somewhere relaxing. To keep myself from GIS burnout, I often like to create maps simply for the fun of it, with no requirements or anxiety about perfection. On weekends, my boyfriend and... Read more
Geography Major Ji Hae Walks on a New York City Street
Finishing up her first year at UW, geography major Ji Hae Hong has made the most of her short time on - and off - campus! Currently studying abroad in Leon, Spain, with the Department of Spanish & Portuguese Studies, Ji Hae spends four hours per day studying the Spanish language, with plenty of time left for exploring the city. And in the autumn, Ji Hae heads abroad once more for a quarter studying... Read more
Student Lexi Nims Testifies in Front of State Legislature
Having learned about the recent measles outbreak in GEOG 280 Geography of Health & Healthcare, UW sophomore Lexi Nims "found it fascinating to watch the geographical clustering of vaccine-hesitant parents in our state." So fascinating, in fact, that Lexi began to follow House Bill 1638 "Promoting immunity against vaccine... Read more
Sean Harding, double major in geography and communication, recently completed an internship as a legislative reporter in Olympia. Here are Sean’s reflections of his time there and how both of his majors helped him with his work: “Last winter quarter, I participated in the Department of Communication’s Olympia Legislative Reporting Program. There, I spent about ten weeks as an Olympia Bureau Reporter for the Washington Newspaper Publishers Association reporting on proceedings taking place inside... Read more
Professor Megan Ybarra Holding Her Book, Green Wars, Image Used with permission from University of California Press
Our department's congratulations go to Professor Megan Ybarra, whose book Green Wars: Conservation and Decolonization in the Maya Forest, won the 2019 Cultural and Political Ecology Outstanding Publication Award at the American Association of Geographers (AAG) Conference in Washington, D.C.! As profiled in this article on the website for the UW Center for Human Rights, the book "examines how... Read more
"In most of my previous teaching but also in my experiences as a student, knowledge-sharing took the form of lectures. When I was an undergraduate in history, whether courses were survey-based or topic-driven, we’d proceed in a linear fashion, as though we were moving along a timeline. However, what if that mold were rethought? What if we also looked at how history is generated and communicated?" So begins a recent blog post, "... Read more
In the most recent issue of the UW College of Arts & Sciences newsletter Perspectives, Geography Ph.D. candidate Lee Fiorio is profiled for his use of social media data in research on "migration across the US and the globe." Please click here to read the full article!
DAPL in geographical and historical context - Author: Isaac Rivera
The Department of Geography congratulates first-year Ph.D. student Isaac Rivera for receiving a Digital Humanities Summer Fellowship from the Simpson Center for the Humanities! The Simpson Center's website states "Digital Humanities Summer Fellowships support scholars pursuing research projects that use digital technologies in innovative and intensive ways and/or explore the historical, social, aesthetic, and... Read more
Map of Evictions in Pierce County from 2017
"Washington is in the midst of an eviction crisis that is devastating communities of color." So state the findings of "The state of evictions: results from the University of Washington Evictions Project," a living website created by a team of University of Washington researchers including eScience postdoctoral fellow Timothy A. Thomas, iSchool lecturer Ott Toomet, Department of Sociology graduate student Ian Kennedy, and the Department of... Read more
Sophia Nelson on public transportation in New York City
Capping off UW geography major Sophia Nelson's senior year, an internship with King County Metro Transit couldn't have come at a better time! While Sophia applied to be an intern with King County Metro last spring, perseverance and patience paid off when the current position became available this winter! Now, Sophia is "developing a geodatabase for community assets, and helping to conduct spatial analysis to determine equity impacts of transit planning projects around King County." Here, Sophia... Read more