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Vicky Lawson, Professor of Geography and Director of the UW Honors Program, teaches a class on understanding the sources of poverty and houselessness in Seattle.Featured on Undergraduate Academic Affairs 
UW Geography Image designed by Megan Plunkett features a purple and gold map of the Salish Sea with black and white outline of Olympic Mountains in the foreground
The Department of Geography Advising Office is excited to unveil the winning design for the 2021 Geography Sticker Design Competition! Undergraduate geography student Megan Plunkett's submission responds to the question "What Does Geography Mean to You?" by drawing from Megan's "own impression of the word 'geography'... [incorporating] Earth (a true representation of community), circles (to represent unity), and the [... Read more
On June 10, 2021, the Department of Geography celebrates over 150 B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. recipients at our annual Convocation Ceremony! Due to Washington State's ongoing COVID-19 safety efforts, the event was held virtually with a prerecorded video, slideshow of graduates, and Zoom rooms with faculty and staff. This online convocation offers space for recognizing the strength and resilience of our geography community. Professor Mark Ellis, Undergraduate Program Coordinator, and Professor Suzanne... Read more
In a paper published online last month, Bo Zhao, assistant professor of geography at the UW, employed AI techniques similar to those used to create so-called deepfakes to alter satellite images of several cities. Zhao and colleagues swapped features between images of Seattle and Beijing to show buildings where there are none in Seattle and to remove structures and replace them with greenery in Beijing.... Read more
Buttermilk Pie
World Baking Day is May 17. What better reason to ask a dozen Arts & Sciences faculty bakers for a favorite recipe? Not that we needed a reason — they were happy to share. So grab an apron, turn on your oven, and get ready to bake! Buttermilk Pie Carrie Freshour, assistant professor Department of Geography I got this recipe from a cookbook by Nicole Taylor, who writes about Black... Read more
In 2015, the state of homelessness led both the City of Seattle and King County to declare states of emergency, a designation that suggests a short term, high-priority problem. But, the numbers have grown since then. The 2015 One Night Count found 10,047 people experiencing housing instability: counting people living in tents and cars, staying overnight in shelters and/or staying in short-term transitional housing. In January 2020, the one night count found 11,751 people experiencing... Read more
Like many of us, geography student Gabe Hammond thinks that winter 2020 "seems like ages ago," when Gabe attended a Transfer Thursday event hosted by the UW Office of Admissions that January. During Transfer Thursday, Gabe attended a session about applying to UW as a transfer student, and then met with a Department of Geography adviser for information about how to prepare for and declare the geography major. Gabe remembers "leaving that transfer... Read more
This week at the UW, attend a lecture on revolutionary reforms to the metric system, "Asian American Women Rising: NOT the Model Minority," and more.Featured on UW News 
Bo Zhao, assistant professor of geography, has authored a new study on deepfake geography.Featured on UW News 
Simulated image of Tacoma, WA
A fire in Central Park seems to appear as a smoke plume and a line of flames in a satellite image. Colorful lights on Diwali night in India, seen from space, seem to show widespread fireworks activity. Both images exemplify what a new University of Washington-led study calls “location... Read more