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As a UW geography student, we know many of you are thinking about the big picture: “How do I connect what I am learning at UW to my future career?” This is a GREAT QUESTION, and there isn’t one single answer because it will be different for everyone based on your unique experiences, skills & strengths! That means it’s up to YOU to decide how you will connect your study of geography to your life after graduation, whether that’s your profession, public service, activism, or something else. That can be exciting, but also a little intimidating – so please know you do not have to figure it out by yourself!


  • GEOG 492 Career Exploration for Geographers: Available every autumn quarter, This 2-credit class invites students to reflect on past experiences and identify your skills and strengths to find your path forward in geography. Career exploration activities help students develop resilience and build community while making connections between college and career.
  • GEOG 491 Professional Development for Geographers: Offered every winter quarter, this 2-credit class prepares students for the job market post-graduation or to acquire an internship. The aim of this course is to make the process of getting the job you want a bit less opaque and help you translate your education both on paper and verbally. From skills assessment to resume building to interviewing, this course will cover what you need to know to be successful navigating the job market. 


Meet with an academic adviser, either through drop-in advising or make a "Career Conversation" appointment. These appointments usually work best if you prepare for a series of at least three meetings, depending on the stage of your career exploration & preparation.

Career Centers

Alum Connections

  • To get an idea of specific careers that you could have as a geographer…
  • Join UWAA Husky Landing and consider applying for Huskies@Work. Taking place twice a year, Huskies@Work is a UWAA program that matches current UW students with alumni to discuss career journeys and job experiences. Participants are matched by UWAA staff and take place either in person or online, depending on comfort and availability. Students receive insights and advice; alumni enjoy a chance to inspire the next generation of Huskies. This program is free and open to UW students from all UW campuses and all UW alumni.
  • The Career & Internship Center also offers a set of data visualizations to explore recent geography alumni career pathways. The Career & Internship Center also promotes even more opportunities to connect with alums and mentors!

Department of Geography Online Resources

Your education in geography will prepare you for a number of exciting opportunities. Geography teaches you to think critically, spatially, and analytically -- all skills that employers want. Our students find positions in non-profit organizations, business, data visualization, geographic information systems, and community engagement. Want a career as unique as you are? Our students really shine when they apply their unique skillsets to novel forms of employment. Geography doesn’t just prepare you for a life of maps and apps, but for any number of exciting careers.