UW Geography Calendaring System

The Department of Geography uses Google Calendar to schedule people and resources such as rooms and conference room equipment. Contact the Director of Academic Services, Nell Gross (, to reserve one of the labs, the Conference Room, or the Starlight Room. Current faculty, staff, and graduate students may make reservations directly on the equipment checkout and Graduate Student Shared Office calendars. Visit the Equipment Reservations page for information on checking out laptops and projectors.

Using the Calendaring System

If you have not already set up your UW GSuite (Gmail) account, follow the instructions on the main UW-IT page to activate your account. Once your account is established, you will be able to view all of the available calendars on this page. Click the Login button in header of this page to login.  

Click on an event for basic information. Select the option to see More Details to review all the information associated with a booking. To make a new booking, you will need to actually open the Google Calendar by clicking the blue plus sign in the lower right corner of the desired calendar. This will open your own Google Calendar in a fresh broswer tab and add the selected calendar under “Other calendars” in the lefthand navigation panel.

If you find yourself unable to view a calendar, or can view the calendar but not create new bookings, please email for assistance. Current graduate students may contact the Director of Academic Services at for room reservation needs.

Further information on calendar use, sharing, and import/export options is provided below the calendars on this page.







Sharing Your Calendar with other Geography staff/faculty

  1. Log into your UW Google Calendar –
  2. Go to this icon at the top right of your browser window.
  3. Click and select –> Calendar Settings > Calendars.
  4. Click “Shared: Edit settings” corresponding to your calendar.
  5. Under “Share with specific people” paste (or type) into the “Person” box (it will say “Enter email address”) email addresses of users you wish to share your calendar with (using the “” form, not: “”), in a comma-delimited string.

Additional Details

  • Permissions settings are most likely set to “See All Event Details” by default, and that is what you want generally. Click “Add person” and then click “Save.”
  • Miscellaneous Google Calendar operations: importing events using .csv, .ics, and .vcs files.
    • People commonly create and share events using .csv, .ics, and .vcs files. To import such events:
      • In the left navigation, in the Other Calendars box, click Add, then select Import Calendar.
      •  Choose File (note that it says it does CSV and ICS, but it will do VCS as well.
      • Pick the calendar you decide to import to.
      • Import.