Three-Quarter Planner

Projected Geography Three-Quarter Planner 2015-16 Academic Year 

Autumn, 2015

Geog 123, Intro To Globalization (Buckingham)
Geog 205, Our Global Environment (Biermann)
Geog 230, Global Inequality (Farias)
Geog 245, Geodemographics: Population, Diversity and Place (Withers)
Geog 277, Geography of Cities (England)
Geog 295, Intro To Migration (Mitchell)
Geog 315, Explanation & Understanding In Geog (Brown)
Geog 335, The Developing World (Ybarra)  NEW
Geog 360, Principles of GIS Mapping (Bergmann)
Geog 375, Geopolitics (Hannah)
Geog 425, Qualitative Methods (Hannah)
Geog 438, Cities of East Asia (Buckingham)
Geog 476, Women & The City (Porter)
Geog 482, GIS Data Management (Nyerges)
Geog 500, Geographic Thought (Jarosz)
Geog 505, China Seminar (Chan)
Geog 572, Research Seminar: Queer Geographies (Brown)
Geog 580, Medical Geography (Mayer)
Geog 582, GIS Data Management (Nyerges)


Winter, 2016

Geog 123, Intro to Globalization (online only)
Geog 180, Intro to Global Health (Sparke)
Geog 236, China (Chan)
Geog 258, Digital Geographies (Elwood)
Geog 271, Geography of Food & Eating (Jarosz)
Geog 280, Geography & Health (Mayer)
Geog 317, Statistics & GIS (Withers)
Geog 370, Environmental Conservation: Theory, Practice, Politics (Biermann) NEW
Geog 377, Urban Political Geography (Brown)
Geog 403, Contemporary European Migration (Mitchell)
Geog 431, Geography & Gender (TBA)
Geog 458, Advanced Digital Geographies (Bergmann)
Geog 461, Urban GIS (TBA)
Geog 462, Coastal GIS (Nyerges)
Geog 472, Race, Nature & Power (Ybarra) NEW
Geog 490, The Seattle Region (England)
Geog 541, Feminist Geographies Seminar (England)
Geog 553, Research Seminar: Cultural Geographies (Mitchell)
Geog 554, Nature-Society Relations Seminar (Biermann)
Geog 555 Culture, Place & Politics (Knopp)
Geog 562, Coastal GIS (Nyerges)
Geog 576, Geographies of Racial Formations and Postcolonialism (Ybarra)


Spring, 2016

Geog 123, Intro to Globalization (Farias)
Geog 208, Geog of the World Economy (Ellis)
Geog 270, Environment & Development (Bergmann)
Geog 272, Geographies of Environmental Justice (Ybarra) NEW
Geog 276, Political Geography (Brown)
Geog 301, Cultural Geography (Knopp)
Geog 315, Explanation & Understanding in Geography (TBA)
Geog 326, Quantitative Methods (Chan)
Geog 342, Geog of Inequality (England)
Geog 360, Principles of GIS Mapping (Naslund)
Geog 380, Geog Patterns of Health & Disease (Mayer)
Geog 426, Advanced Quantitative Methods (Withers)
Geog 435, Industrialization and Urbanization In China (Chan)
Geog 465, GIS Database & Programming (Lizotte)
Geog 469, GIS Workshop (Nyerges)
Geog 473, Geographies of Energy and Sustainability (Biermann) NEW
Geog 478, Urban Social Justice (Mitchell)
Geog 513, Grant Proposal Writing (Ellis)
Geog 521, Critical GIS Seminar (Bergmann)
Geog 526, Advanced Quantitative Methods (Withers)
Geog 542, Seminar: Social & Population Geography (Lawson)
Geog 578, Theorizing Cities Seminar (Elwood)

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