Declare the Geography Major

Minimum Requirements to Declare the Major

The geography major is a minimum-requirements major, which means students must meet the following requirements in order to declare the major:

  • Complete any GEOG-prefix course at the 200-level or higher with a minimum grade of 2.0.
  • Minimum cumulative UW GPA of 2.00.

Steps to Declare the Major

Students who meet the minimum requirements listed above may declare the major in any quarter. There is no application required. Please review the information available in Undergraduate Programs and Degree Options. To declare the geography major, please complete the following steps:

Step 1 (Optional)

Attend a Geography Major Information Session. The full list of upcoming sessions can be found below.

Step 2 (Required)

Complete the Geography New Student Survey by clicking the button below. Please note that this form requires you to log into your browser with your UW NetID; if you are logged into Google – or even just your browser – with a different Google account, the form will not allow you access. In that case, please open this page in a private/incognito browsing window and then click the purple button below so that Google will prompt you to log in with your UW NetID to access the form. Still doesn't work? Please be sure you have activated your UW G Suite.

Declare the Geography Major: Student Survey

Step 3 (Required)

Attend a Geography New Student Orientation from the dates listed in the table below. Students who are unable to attend an orientation session and are concerned about the university's Satisfactory Progress Policy are welcome to complete the Geography New Student Survey linked below and then reach out to a geography adviser for assistance.

Upcoming Information Sessions