Gerald W. Halmo Geography Scholars Program

In memory of Gerald W. Halmo (UW Geography B.A., 1960), this program provides financial support to undergraduate geography majors to support their research, volunteering, or other projects that benefit a community and further their development as a geographer. The recipients of this award will work with a group or individual(s) who work on projects that produce such a benefit. This work can be an internship but may also be any other working association with community groups or individual(s).

We encourage applications from majors who are in the process of initiating new community research, volunteer, and other relationships. We also encourage those majors who are building on their existing community relationships, such as those developed through service-learning courses or project partnerships, to apply. 

Further, we embrace applications from majors who are members of underrepresented groups, first generation, of any citizenship status, and those experiencing financial barriers that would otherwise prevent them from being able to participate in an internship, community-based research or other similar opportunities.

Deadline for applications is Wednesday, February 28, 2024, at 5:00 PM Pacific Time. (Award recipients will be notified by mid-March 2024.)


Information Session Video

In this information session, we will explain the eligibility requirements, financial details and application instructions. We will also discuss how to find or create internships, research opportunities or other community projects.


  • Students must be declared geography majors who have completed at least one geography (GEOG) course. Students must be enrolled during the quarter of the award.
  • The objective of these awards is to provide financial support for a community oriented project relationship that is not paid. Students may not receive Halmo Award funds for activities that are already being compensated from other sources (e.g. a paid internship).  
  • The award is for work on community research, volunteering, or other projects during Spring or Summer Quarter 2024.
  • Priority to students who are not also receiving a Mary Gates Research Scholarship or other university funding specifically for the same research/service/internship opportunity.
  • Students can only receive a Halmo Award once.

Financial Details

This award provides $2,000 to the student for 100 hours of work by them for the group or individual(s) who are providing community benefits.

  • Half of the stipend is disbursed at the beginning of the quarter of the project, half at the end after the award recipient submits 300 words to the Geography Advising Office describing highlights of what they learned, how the project affected their thinking, and how the project has benefited their professional development as a geographer. 
  • Please be aware that this funding may count towards financial aid eligibility and could disrupt a current financial aid package. If you have concerns regarding financial aid implications, please talk with department advising staff and UW Office of Student Financial Aid.

Application Information

Students must submit the following in the online application form:

  • an application essay (maximum 500 words; PDF only) that addresses the following points:
    • the goals of the project, position, or internship, how you will accomplish these goals, and time commitment in the quarter;
    • identifies the group or individuals the student will be working with and how the project supports the work of these groups/individuals in the community; and
    • how the project, position or internship will support the student’s professional development as a geographer.
  • Name and contact information of the individual or community member you will be working most closely with or who will supervise you.
  • Provide supporting documentation of offer letter or confirmation as available.


If you have any questions, please contact Nell Gross, Director of Academic Services, at

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Past Award Recipients