Career Preparation

Whether you're still thinking about majoring in geography, or you're nearing graduation, we are here to help you make sure that you're building career skills now. 

Career Preparation Opportunities


Bar graph listing jobs held by UW Geography alumni.

Offered every winter quarter, GEOG 491 Professional Development for Geographers prepares students for the job market post-graduation or to acquire an internship. The aim of this course is to make the process of getting the job you want a bit less opaque and help you translate your education both on paper and verbally. From skills assessment to resume building to interviewing, this course will cover what you need to know to be successful navigating the job market. 

GEOG 496 Internship in Geography is available every quarter for students to earn credit while participating in an internship. Advisers help with the process of identifying internship opportunities and applying for them, and faculty supervise the academic learning that takes place concurrently.

Alumni Careers

To get an idea of specific careers that you could have as a geographer, check out this list of jobs that alumni of UW Geography have. The UW Career & Internship Center also offers a set of tools to explore recent geography alumni career pathways.

It is also worthwhile to join both the Department of Geography's LinkedIn page, and to spend some time with the LinkedIn UW alumni careers tool. The image on the right of this page, from LinkedIn, shows the many different types of careers that UW Geography alumni have achieved.

Building these connections now could help you get a job in the future. To read more about what our alumni are up to, check out these news stories.

Finding a Job

Are you ready to start the job hunt? Check out our job search resources page for advice on where to start looking.