Infrastructure Access and Support

Existing Server/Database Resource Access for Faculty and Instructors

If you would like access to an existing resource for yourself or an individual student for research or a special project, contact with your request and include the following: 

  • Identify the resource(s) needed such as the database or GIS server.  Information regarding access to ArcGIS Online (AGOL) can be found in a separate section of this document. 
  • Describe the project and estimate the amount of data storage or processing may be required as accurately as possible. 

If you would like to request access to a resource for a class, additional lead-time is required. Check with IT Staff about timelines for resource additions or access. Schedule a meeting with IT staff to discuss these questions:

  • Which specific resources will be needed?
  • How many students need access – size and number of lab sections or class?
  • How the resources will be used in the class?
  • What functions will the students be using and how much data storage or processing is likely to be required?
  • Is this needed for a single class or a single quarter or do you need this for multiple classes and/or long-term?

Accessing ArcGIS Online (AGOL)

Both the University of Washington and the Department of Geography have AGOL systems available. How to obtain access in Geography:

  • In general, students who just want to tinker or practice using AGOL should use the UW system.  Some functions are restricted and additional access requests can be made to the administrators of that system.
  • If you wish to use AGOL in your courses, please confer with IT staff prior to updating your course.
  • If you have a student who wishes to use AGOL for a special project that you are sponsoring, send an the access request to and include the following information:
    • Name of the student
    • Is the student a Geography major?
    • Name of the faculty sponsoring their work. In most cases, student work will be removed at the end of the quarter, unless a project is ongoing or a faculty member has requested that it be retained. Please notify IT staff if you would like student work saved by the end of each quarter. Students can also migrate their work from the Geography AGOL system to the UW AGOL system if they would like to retain their work.
    • Course name and quarter.
    • Briefly describe the specific student project as to its objectives and overall.
    • How much data need to be uploaded and what functions will the student(s) need access to?
    • Expected start and end dates of project.