IT Policies

Lab Rules

Eating and drinking is not allowed in the labs!  NO EXCEPTIONS!

No software is to be downloaded and/or installed onto any of the lab machines without the explicit consent of the IT Services Supervisor. This includes, but is not limited to, applications, web browser plug-ins and related software, games, fonts, and/or utilities. Users do NOT have administrative access and will not be granted admin credentials to lab machines. All software installations should be submitted before the start of quarter if needed for teaching or required coursework. 

Users should avoid saving anything to the local hard drives of computers in Geography labs. Students should store files to their own external USB drive, cloud services, or use the UW’s central file storage services.

In some courses, students will be using very large files that cannot be handled over the network. Students should copy data to C:\Temp while working on these files, and then copy the file back to their allotted network space when finished, to ease network congestion. These files will automatically be removed from the computer when it reboots.

When a class or lab section is being taught in the Sherman Lab, other students’ access to empty computers is at the discretion of the instructor and depends on available space and the needs of the class or lab section currently in session. Instructors may opt to close the lab completely, however if other students are given access they can and will be asked to leave if they are disruptive or violate any lab rules.