Online Innovation: UW's new degree in integrated social sciences

Submitted by Matthew Sparke on
Matt Sparke is featured in a Seattle Weekly article on UW's new online degree in integrated social sciences.  You can read "UW's Bet on Cheap Classes" at the Seattle Weekly Website.  Here's an excerpt: "In a big lecture hall filled with 100 or so faculty members, Sparke takes the podium with characteristic cheerfulness. It’s his May presentation before the Senate, the first time he’s appeared in his new role. He declares himself excited about “using online education to expand the University of Washington’s teaching vision.” But he acknowledges ongoing debates over online teaching. He references San Jose State. There, he says, professors face the prospect of “being reduced to the level of a TA [teaching assistant].” The UW program, Sparke stresses, is “an insourcing model rather than an outsourcing model.” Sparke also notes that the program will offer “mentoring and coaching”—a point reiterated by Judy Howard, dean of social sciences, who takes the podium next...."