Burns, Eckert, Grobelski become 2014 HASTAC Scholars

UW Geography PhD candidates Ryan Burns, Joe Eckert, and Tiffany Grobelski have recently become accepted to the 2014 cohort of HASTAC Scholars. HASTAC, the "Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory," is a nationwide online community of graduate students and faculty with research interests around digital humanities, technology, and public scholarship. The scholar program will allow Burns, Eckert, and Grobelski to network with like-minded graduate students, push their research to broader audiences, and learn more about cutting edge research around the country. The affiliation will also place them at the center of innovative academic and applied conversations in publications, blogs, conferences, and digitally-mediated collaborations. Lastly, the program comes with a $300 fellowship to support their work. Congratulations, Ryan, Joe, and Tiffany!

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