Grad Students Attend 8th Annual Critical Geographies Conference

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  This past November the Peninsula College in Port Angeles, WA held the Eighth Annual Critical Geographies Conference, a regional conference which encourages collaboration and sharing between geographers in the region. Thanks to the generous funding provided by the Friends of Geography Fund, 11 of our department's grad students were able to attend and present at the conference. In total the conference offered 29 presentations spread out over 4 sessions, including a Keynote Address by Dr. Paul Kingsbury and a concluding poem by Dr. Tim Cresswell. All of our grads say it was a fantastic event! See what they talked about in their papers below: Maggie Wilson The Concept of Landscape in Historical Context and Contemporary Use: A 'Way of Seeing' the Public Status and Political Dynamics of In-Home Care Annie Crane Digital Care? Exploring trans-masculine care in YouTube Key MacFarlane From the Academy to the Workplace: The Reappropriation of Radical Concepts for Capital Accumulation William McKeithen and Skye Naslund Parasitic Biocapital: Digesting the Nonhuman Ontologies of Biocapital Yanning Wei Placing Politics of Space in Poverty Research: Rural to Urban Migrant Workers and Hukou in China Austin Crane Development, security, and bordering: the uneven geography of migration management in Ukraine Emma Slager Representing Ruins: Tourism in Detroit Meredith Krueger Race and labor in the Ohio dairy industry Jenniger Porter Anti-violence activism and (re)placing responsibility through public art Kidan Araya The impact of nutritionally fortified food on the food and landscape for the treatment of malnutrition in developing countries