Kim England interviewed on gender and career options

Professor Kim England was featured on a panel of experts speaking to the ways in which we can "improve the plight of working mothers." You can view the list of questions and Professor England's answers below.

It’s clear that something must be done in order to increase workplace gender equality and ease the burden on working parents, but there is significant debate about what that “something” should be. For some added insight into the issue, we turned to an eclectic group of experts – from university professors who research gender roles and economics to the authors of some of the most popular career and women’s blogs. Below, you can check out both our panel and their responses to the following key questions:

1. Is it becoming easier or harder for women to balance a career and family?
2. What can companies do to help working parents balance home and work life?
3. What careers are most difficult to balance work and family? Easiest?
4. What can state and local governments do to support working mothers?
5. What needs to be done to promote gender equality in the workplace?

Follow the link below to read Professor Kim England's responses and the responses of other folks on the panel of experts.

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