Katharyne Mitchell and Matt Sparke Receive Residency Fellowships to Study Biological Citizenship and Evolving Biosecurity Technologies

Image of Brocher Foundation Building

Katharyne Mitchell and Matthew Sparke have received fellowships to study at the Brocher Foundation in Switzerland in fall 2016. The Foundation hosts scientists and experts in ethical, legal, and social implications of the development of medical research and biotechnologies to conduct multidisciplinary research in emerging fields. You can read an excerpt from their proposal below:

New biosecurity technologies that employ genetic screening and associated biomedical innovations in body-scanning and personalized medicine are transforming the ways in which transnational migration is governed around the world.  A notable divide is thereby opening up between privileged transnational migrants who are enfranchised as globally mobile biological citizens and a diverse set of disenfranchised others—refugees, asylum seekers, and guest workers—for whom the use of genetic screening and other biosecurity technologies imposes new personal costs, privacy concerns and risks of biological sub-citizenship and exclusion.  

Congratulations to both!  More information available at: https://simpsoncenter.org/news/2016/01/mitchell-and-sparke-and-receive-fellowships-study-switzerland