Geography Alum Anisa Jackson Published in Ghosts of Seattle Past

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Ghosts of Seattle Past

Geography Alum Anisa Jackson has been published in Ghosts of Seattle Past, an anthology that gathers essays, interviews, photography, and comix in homage of lost Seattle places. Their chapter focuses on the Black Panther Party in the Central District: 

“Anisa Jackson’s conversation with Elmer Dixon, founder of the Seattle chapter of the Black Panther Party, provides an incredible historical foundation for the ongoing activism against gentrification and for black-led community land use and services in the Central District today. Dixon’s stories about the Panthers arming themselves to defend against antagonizers, constructing a trap door in their headquarters on 20th and Spruce for tactical strategizing under threat of attack, is awe-inspiring.” (Kelton Sears, Seattle Weekly)

You can also read an excerpt from their chapter featured in The Stranger

Anisa Jackson is an artist and writer based in Seattle.  Anisa’s research-based practice draws on care ethics and black feminist thought. Their work has appeared as installation, moving image, and as print and digital text.  Anisa Jackson graduated with a degree in Geography: Cities, Citizenship, and Migration with College Honors in 2015.