Register to present at the Geography Undergraduate Research Symposium!

Submitted by Phillip Scrimshaw on
On behalf of the Undergraduate Program Committee and the Advising Office, we want to invite all of you to present at this year’s Geography Undergraduate Research Symposium. The symposium is scheduled for Friday, June 2nd. We have developed a new format this year that gives you all options, so that you can find a mode of presentation that makes you feel the most comfortable. The symposium is a low-stress, fun environment designed to celebrate student work among fellow students, graduates, and faculty. Here are the types of presentations students can do…
1. Longer paper presentations (10-15 minutes): This will be ideal for students who have written longer papers for Geography courses.  
2. Five-Minute Lightning talks:  This is a format that is used at UW for Scholar Studio; here is a link to see what these talks look like. This would be ideal for any work you have done in classes that might include longer papers, short papers, internship experience, study abroad experience, etc. If it relates to geography, we want to hear what you have done!  
3. Poster Session- This is open to all students, but ideally this is for GIS students who create physical maps and would like to present them on a poster that describes the research. However, non-GIS research could also be done as a poster.  This format also works great if you’re in a group.
4. Digital Mapping Session- This will be similar to the lightning talks but instead will focus on digital maps created in geography courses.  This format also works great if you’re in a group.
We want to see as many of you as possible presenting so think about the work you have done this past summer quarter, fall quarter, winter quarter or even in spring. We are making the deadline to register a presentation Friday May 12, 2017. To register please follow this link to a google form.
Lastly we at advising are here to support you presenting so if you’re unsure if you have something to present come by Smith 415 and let’s talk about it. Also please see the faculty and grad students in the department for support as you will find encouragement throughout the department. This is a great opportunity for you to present the work you have done in courses and makes for an impressive addition to any resume.