2020-2021 Labor Studies Scholarships and Prizes: Including Two New Geography Graduate Students!

Each year the Harry Bridges Center awards thousands of dollars in scholarships and grants to support inspiring scholars and activists pursuing the study and practice of labor. This year we awarded $85,000 in scholarships and fellowships and another $85,000 in research and curriculum development grants, for an overall total of $170,000 in Labor Studies awards...

Graduate Recruitment Fellowships

The Bridges Center's Recruitment Fellowships provide much needed funding to support top-ranked incoming Labor Studies students in graduate programs at the University of Washington.

Clara Lemme Ribeiro, Geography

Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, Lemme Ribeiro is an incoming PhD student interested in labor, gender, migration and social reproduction. Ribeiro extensively studied Bolivian sweatshop workers and their families across Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina for her undergraduate and Masters degrees, and served as a consultant to the Alinha Institute, a Brazilian NGO dedicated to improving labor conditions in the country’s garment industry.

Yuying Xie, Geography

As an undergraduate student in Nanjing, China, Xie became interested in labor, gender, and workplace exploitation as a volunteer providing legal support and services to rural migrant workers in construction and manufacturing industries. For her Masters degree, completed at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, Xie studied the emotional labor of female migrant workers in China working in the service industry. As a PhD student, Xie seeks to study gender inequality, race, and workplace politics in the increasingly marketized language teaching industry in China.

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