Introducing Our New Undergraduate Advisor, Drew!

Submitted by Nell Gross on
From left to right, geography staff members Parwati Martin, Nell Gross and Lindsay Cael join Drew Gamboa in front of Smith Hall

This summer, the Department of Geography welcomes our new undergraduate advisor, Drew Gamboa! Beginning July 1, 2022, Drew will be available to support current and prospective geography students through one-on-one advising appointments and career development instruction. As Director of Academic Services, I am excited for Drew to bring a unique set of personal and professional experiences to the Geography Advising Office, and I am very grateful to the hiring committee for their contributions to the selection process! Drew shared with us the following biography so we can begin to get to know our new colleague:

Drew joins us as an academic advisor, hoping to bridge experiences within and outside the academy to support personal, scholarly, and career trajectories of students in the Department of Geography. Chances to advise undergraduate students at the University of Washington Bothell’s School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, to serve as a teaching assistant within the American Ethnic Studies department, and to perform within multiple capacities outside academic spaces has led Drew to understand the important role the university plays in exchanging resources and knowledge to cultivate a flourishing community. Drew sees the department’s commitment to reciprocity, community service, and environmental and social justice to align well with the values that Drew hopes to further understand while working with students as an advisor.

Drew studied history, political science, and cultural studies at both UW-Bothell and UW-Seattle, where an interest to learn more about the relationality amongst migrant agricultural workers, community-based health centers, and mutual aid practices within the Chicanx community continually blossoms. Drew enjoys reading, writing, and conversations about culture, history, literature, and language. You can catch Drew getting lost within archives and museums, practicing Spanish, or outside cherishing the warmth of the sun.

Drew's appointment calendar will be live on the Department of Geography Advising webpage soon, and students may reach out to Drew at!