Ethnic segregation in England and Wales on the wane, research finds

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"Ethnic segregation in England and Wales is on the wane as more people live alongside neighbours of different backgrounds, creating 'rainbow' towns and cities, research reveals.

Neighbourhood diversity more than doubled nationally between 2001 and 2021, with huge transformations in some places. There was close to a tenfold increase in diversity in Boston, Lincolnshire, albeit from a low base; Barking and Dagenham recorded a ninefold increase, while diversity in Watford and Reading increased fourfold."

Find the full article below, which details the results of a Geographical Journal paper co-produced by Professor Mark Ellis: "Ethnic diversification and neighbourhood mixing: A rapid response analysis of the 2021 Census of England and Wales." Gemma Catney, Christopher D Lloyd, Mark Ellis, Richard A Wright, Nissa Finney, Stephen Jivraj and David Manley.

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