Is It Too Late to Get An Internship? Never!

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In recent days & weeks, advisors in the Geography Advising Office have met with many undergraduates asking the very good question: “Is it too late for me to get a summer internship?” Our answer: Definitely not too late!

What is an internship anyway?

First, ask yourself: what is an internship? You may find some great answers to this question from the UW Career & Internship Center’s Handout “Exploring Internships” (PDF). In fact, in addition to internships, every opportunity (including classes, RSOs, care-taking responsibilities, part-time jobs to pay the bills, etc.) could be a professional development experience! How might you approach any of these experiences with a professional mindset? For more ideas about exploring careers and developing a professional mindset, visit College to Career Pathways for 5 Steps to Explore & Prepare for Careers.

But really, is it too late to find an internship this summer?

On March 29, 2022, the UW Career & Internship Center posted "It’s not too late to find an internship this summer!" and all of these suggestions still work for 2023, too!

It’s not too late to find an internship this summer! Many employers are still recruiting for their summer internships with over 2,000 active internship posts on Handshake right now. Here are a few ways to keep on top of summer opportunities:

  • Handshake – Our national job and internship board has hundreds of summer internship opportunities. Be sure to login and complete your Handshake profile. You can also figure out which search filters help you find interesting opportunities so you’re ready to start applying in winter quarter.
  • Summer Research – for students interested in research, there are a ton of summer research opportunities out there. Similar to an internship in many ways, summer research can be a great way to take a deep dive into a particular field or topic. Check out the Summer Research page on the UW Undergraduate Research Program website.
  • Career Coaching – Need help on your resume or a cover letter for a position? Not finding what you’re looking for in Handshake? Our Career Coaches can assist you in your search for summer internships from how to find opportunities to making sure your application materials are ready to go. You can schedule an appointment with a Career Coach here.

Link up on LinkedIn

Have you joined the Department of Geography's private LinkedIn group for current geography students and alums? This is the best place to find all of the job & internship opportunities that are shared by employers directly with our department! New opportunities are posted daily or weekly. Group members are also welcome to post and connect with each other to practice networking in a friendly space!

Job & Internship Fairs

Don't forget, the Career & Internship Center is hosting 2 upcoming Job & Internship Fairs, plus there are many more employer events taking place in the weeks to come!

Meet with an advisor for support

Finally, please don't hesitate to reach out if you'd like to meet with an academic adviser, either through drop-in advising or in a "Career Conversation" appointment. These appointments usually work best if you prepare for a series of at least 3 meetings, depending on the stage of your career exploration & preparation. We are here for you!

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