Plenum Journal of Undergraduate Geography

Who We Are

As a Registered Student Organization, we provide an undergraduate community for the University of Washington Department of Geography as we facilitate the creation of a journal focused on geographical inquiry and research. This goes hand-in-hand with the social events we host to create community as well. Students are encouraged to submit their undergraduate research papers and GIS projects to us for feedback on their work and for a chance to be featured in our next issue.

What We Do

We work to foster academic growth on the individual level, build community within undergraduate geography, and contribute to larger conversations in geography with high-quality undergraduate research. Through Plenum we aim to establish a dialogue that brings together undergraduates, graduates, and faculty in a setting which encourages academic exploration and growth. We are committed to building a community of undergraduate geographers, and through that community transforming students into scholars.

To accomplish this, we:

  • Host a variety of different social events that engage with our community
  • Publish notable academic research papers which seek to contribute to larger conversations within Geography
  • Publish notable GIS mapping projects which seek to uncover hidden spatial relationships, ideas, and/or trends
  • Provide feedback services for students seeking help on their academic research papers (not just Geography)

Get Involved!

We are currently seeking submissions for the 2021 edition of our journal as well as peer reviewers and others to join our team!

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