Colloquium provides a space for shared intellectual exploration within the department, while also welcoming guest speakers and listeners from outside the department. Each year the Department of Geography hosts a lecture series, inviting guest speakers to share exciting new research from various subfields of geography and from intersecting disciplines. The annual colloquium series brings faculty guests from universities across the United States, as well as honored guests working here at the University of Washington in a range of disciplines. Graduate students nearing the completion of their Ph.D. work are also invited to present their research in this forum. The colloquium series also hosts Special Workshops, which are often aimed at graduate students’ needs and include a Pedagogy Seminar Series taught by department faculty, as well as workshops on funding, human subjects review, and library resources and tools. Previous colloquium events are listed in our calendar archive. The current schedule of speakers is listed below. In addition, guests invited to talk at our colloquium series can find information about their visit here

Colloquium lectures will take place virtually in AUT 2020, WIN 2021 and SPR 2021. Colloquium talks are passcode-protected for security purposes. In order to obtain the Zoom passcode, members of the public wishing to attend a colloquium talk must reach out to with the exact subject line (without quotations): “UW Geography Colloquium Passcode Access” with a short message in the body indicating their interest. Emails without this exact subject line may be marked as spam and might not reach the colloquium committee.


Upcoming Events