Geography Undergraduates Win Academic Honors

Submitted by Richard Roth on
Congratulations to our students for some stellar academic achievements: Helen Olsen, Mary Gates Research Scholar, for her project  "Examining Zones of Encounter and Sites of Governance: The Middle Class Poverty Projection". Helen also received a Mary Gates Leadership Scholarship for her project, "Caring Across Distance: Working with the Critical Development Forum." Mollie Holmberg, Mary Gates Research Scholar, for her project on on the human ecosystem, embodied food production between world  regions, and global patterns of poverty and health. Zakery Lee, College of Arts & Sciences Research Award. Zak's project, "Spatial Characteristics of Policies Impacting Emergency Food: Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC," examines national and local policies that address poverty and food justice in urban areas by comparing the nature and extent the emergency food systems in Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC employing a mixed methods approach. Jessica Wallach, College of Arts and Sciences Research Award. Jess' research project "Women's Work": Shifting Gender Dynamics in Food Sovereignty Initiatives,  will be an institutional ethnography that examines the role of women’s organizations and cooperatives in redefining food sovereignty in rural areas of Uttarakhand, India. Sherwin Lee, elected to Phi Beta Kappa,  the oldest and most respected undergraduate honors organization in the United States.