2020 Awards, Honors and Achievements

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Last week, the Department of Geography celebrated nearly 150 B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. recipients at our annual Convocation Ceremony! Due to Washington State's ongoing COVID-19 safety efforts, the event was held virtually with a prerecorded video, slideshow of graduates, and Zoom rooms with faculty and staff. While unprecedented, this online convocation offered space for recognizing the strength and resilience of our geography community. Professor Mark Ellis, Graduate Program Coordinator, and Professor Megan Ybarra, Undergraduate Program Coordinator, announced the following honorees who received awards from the department and from other units at UW:

Graduate Awards & Recognitions

Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching

Caitlin Alcorn

Edward L. Ullman Doctoral Award for Excellence in Scholarship

Austin Crane

Edward L. Ullman Masters Award for Excellence in Scholarship      

Soohyung Hur

Alex Ramiller

Howard Martin Medal for Extraordinary Achievement in Scholarship, Teaching & Service

Samantha Thompson

Undergraduate Awards & Recognitions

NCGE Excellence of Scholarship in Geography

Carly R Baker

Community Service & Public Engagement Award

Clara Raftery

Outstanding Senior Award     

James Willis Alexander

Arts & Sciences Dean’s Medal for Social Sciences

Racquel Augusta West

Honors in Geography 2019-2020

Orion Daokang Chen

Ji Hae Hong

Matthew Jackson

Maxwell J Kahn

Clara Raftery

Bryn Sinclair

Racquel West

Husky 100       

Anush Mughnetsyan

Racquel Augusta West

Mary Gates Scholarships       

Orion Daokang Chen

Maxwell Joseph Kahn

Clara Raftery

CSDE Applied Research Fellowship

Steven Bao

Geography Undergraduate Research Symposium, Morning Session Prize   

Bryn Sinclair, “Inside Out: Mapping Interior Accessibility on the UW Seattle Campus”

Geography Undergraduate Research Symposium, Morning Session Honorable Mention

Matthew Jackson, “Sense of Place, Social Stability, and Homelessness”

Geography Undergraduate Research Symposium, Afternoon Session Prize 

Milli Wijenaike-Bogle, “Custard Colonialism”

Geography Undergraduate Research Symposium, Gallery Project Prize

Elisabet Gordon, Claire Perez, Tyler Treat, "Forest Coverage Change in Bach Ma National Park"

Each year, graduating seniors have the opportunity to nominate an instructor for the Award for Faculty Excellence in Teaching. The recipient of this year’s award is Skye Naslund, who received her Ph.D. in Geography in 2019 and has been teaching courses in the department all year. Geography majors shared their appreciation for Skye with their nominations: “Skye did a great job encouraging my GIS learning throughout my time at UW. I always felt she believed in my ability and was eager to have her students participate and engage with the course through in-class discussions and questions.” “Not only is she caring and understanding of her students' wellbeing, she also makes sure everyone understands the material.” “She has gone above and beyond in helping her students as much as she can!” “Dr. Naslund was encouraging because of her patience and her deep understanding of what she was teaching.”

The 24th Annual Geography Undergraduate Research Symposium remains live on the Department of Geography website and features the award winners noted above as well as many other impressive projects in the online Symposium Gallery.