Congratulations to our 2022 AAG Award Winners!

Submitted by Nell Gross on

The Department of Geography celebrates the many award winners among our faculty and graduate students from this year's Association of American Geographers conference!

  • Carrie Freshour, Feminist Geography Specialty Group's Rickie Sanders Junior Faculty Award: "Your activist-research through deep and long-term work among 'poultry families' in Georgia, public education and advocacy around food supply systems and 'essential workers' over the past 2 years, and mentoring of geography students in community-serving public research projects are just a few examples of how you have advanced an anti-racist geographic agenda in the spirit of Dr. Sanders' own contributions to Geography." (From the FGSG board statement.)
  • Isaac Rivera, Digital Geographies Specialty Group's Graduate Student Paper Award: "Undoing Settler Imaginaries, Re-Imagining Digital Knowledge Politics"
  • Sam Kay, Cultural and Political Ecology Specialty Group's Scholar-Activist Award: "The Housing Spectrum, Temperature Extremes, and the Costs of Survival: A Needs Assessment for Unhoused Neighbors and Low-Income Renters"
  • Adam Romero, Cultural and Political Ecology Specialty Group's Outstanding Publication Award: Economic Poisoning: Industrial Waste and the Chemicalization of American Agriculture (UC Press)
  • Visiting Graduate Student Xiaofeng Liu, Political Geography Specialty Group's Alexander B. Murphy Dissertation Enhancement Award: "Sustainable development with Chinese characteristics? The politics of the Green Belt and Road Initiative”