Mitchell, K. 2015. It’s TIME: The Cultural Politics of Memory in the Current Moment of Danger, in H. Merrill and L. Hoffman (eds.) Spaces of Danger: Culture and Power in the Everyday, University of Georgia Press, 21-37.


“The original task of a genuine revolution... is never merely to ‘change the world,’ but also—and above all—to ‘change time’.  Modern political thought has concentrated its attention on history, and has not elaborated a corresponding concept of time.  Even historical materialism has until now neglected to elaborate a concept of time that compares with its concept of history.”[i] 

[i] Giorgio Agamben, “Time and History.  Critique of the Instant and the Continuum.”  Trans. Liz Heron, in Infancy and History:  The Destruction of Experience. London:Verso, 1993, p. 91.

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