Making Abolition in Geography

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“Making Abolition in Geography” Online Forum, Chavez-Norgaard, S, L Montagne, JE Sayers and M Ybarra* (Guest Editors), Society & Space Magazine., published October 31, 2022.

This forum traces the ways that thinking with abolition geography facilitates moves from everyday “cops off campus” struggles to coalitional solidarities across seemingly disparate spaces. In so doing, the forum develops one of many conversations that trace the vitality of anticolonial and internationalist movements in the making (on this, see Gilmore’s foreword in Maynard and Simpson, 2022). We developed this Forum through a non-hierarchical working group that began as a series of dialogues, petitions and conference sessions about abolition and the “cops off campus” movement during the 2020 uprisings, supported by the AAG’s Socialist & Critical Geography Specialty Group. Whether reflecting on a direct action, a campaign or a mural, contributors come together to share in the spirit of one million experiments in liberation.

Status of Research