McElroy, Erin. “Techno-Imperialism.” In In Decoloniality in Eastern Europe: A Lexicon of Reorientation, edited by Ana Vilenica, 132–39. Novi Sad: Kuda, 2023.

Understanding the decolonial trajectories of Eastern Europe is a difficult task: there are complex global, transnational, transregional and local colonial processes to consider. The terrain of decolonisation in Eastern Europe is constitutively contested by competing visions of role assignments: who is the colonizer, what is the (post-)colony, and to what political projects do these visions belong? As both semi-periphery to the capitalist world system with aspirations to the whiteness and civilization granted by Europe, Eastern Europe acquires its dual status of the colonizer and the colonized. How to navigate this space populated by numerous competing narratives and tales? The authors in this volume offer multiple perspectives on how to navigate Eastern Europe by thinking through the intersecting interpretations of coloniality and imperialism, as well as their effects on anti-colonial, decolonial struggles and forms of contemporary solidarities and forms of life. The decolonial frameworks offered by the contributors to this volume make room for anti-capitalist, post-colonial and decolonial discourse. They work with particular localized issues, but do not shy away from difficulties in moving through and engaging with the region.