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Short Title People Involved Related Fields
The New Washington Consensus (2015) Citizenship, Critical Theory, Education, Global, Health, Justice, Medicine, Neoliberalism, Poverty, Race and Ethnicity
Middle-Class Poverty Politics (2015) Victoria Lawson, Sarah Elwood Class, Economics, Poverty
Differential Risk of Disease Acquisition (2014) Jonathan Mayer Disease, Health
Animal Contact, Injury, and Zoonotic Disease Risk in Uganda (2014) Jonathan Mayer Disease, Health
Foundations of Sustainability Information Representation (2014) Timothy Nyerges Sustainability, Research Methods
Neighborhood Socioeconomic Position and Tuberculosis (2014) Jonathan Mayer Disease, Health, Poverty, Economics
Modeling and Representation for Earthquake Emergency Response (2014) Timothy Nyerges Geographic Information Systems, Geovisualization
Risk Factors for Diarrhea Hospitalization in Bangladesh (2014) Jonathan Mayer Disease, Health
The Kilburn Manifesto: After Neoliberalism? (2014) Victoria Lawson Population, Economics
Space, Class, and Poverty Politics (2014) Victoria Lawson, Sarah Elwood Class, Poverty, Economics
Experiences in Diversity at the Geography Department Scale (2014) Victoria Lawson Social Movements, Class, Citizenship
The Birth of the Gay Clinic (2014) Michael Brown Population, Disease, Queer Studies
Delimitation of Beijing Metro Area (2014) Kam Wing Chan Urban Studies
Critical Physical Geography (2014) Christine Biermann Education
Biopolitics in Conservation Biology (2014) Christine Biermann Health, Population, Sustainability
Engaging Poststructural Epistemologies in Nature Research (2014) Christine Biermann Environment
China's Urbanization (2014) Kam Wing Chan Population, Urban Studies, Migration
Subaltern Empowerment in the Geoweb (2014) Jason C. Young Geographic Information Systems, Indigenous, Mapping, Science and Technology
Author's Response (2014) Education, Global, Public Scholarship, Radical Pedagogy, Transnational
Health (2014) Big Data, Citizenship, Economics, Global, Justice, Medicine, Population, Transnational
Difference (2014) Critical Theory, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Poverty, Race and Ethnicity, Transnational
The Grassroots and the Gift (2014) Chris Lizotte Civic Engagement, Critical Theory, Education, Ideology, Neoliberalism, Race and Ethnicity
Food Security Food Sovereignty (2014) Lucy Jarosz Environment, Food, Sustainability
Tracking Disease in Circuits of Capital (2014) Luke Bergmann Disease, Economics, Health
Cultural Politics at the Limits of Liberal Legibility (2013) Megan Ybarra Culture, Indigenous, Social Stratification/Inequality