Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Michelle Daigle, PhD (2016) Michelle Daigle Area Studies, Critical Theory, Environment, Food, Geovisualization, Health, Indigenous, Justice, Nationalism, Transnational
Eloho Basikoro, PhD (2016) Eloho E. Basikoro Area Studies, Disease, Environment, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Global, Health, Medicine, Poverty
Crime and the Global City (2016) Cities, Class, Critical Theory, Global, Ideology, Law, Migration, Neoliberalism, Race and Ethnicity, Urban Studies
Governing Through Failure (2016) Chris Lizotte Cities, Civic Engagement, Class, Community, Critical Theory, Education, Neoliberalism, Race and Ethnicity
Rethinking Lactation Space (2016) Feminism and Feminist Theory, Justice, Labor
Maggie Wilson, MA (2015) Margaret Wilson Area Studies, Disease, Geovisualization, Global, Health, Mapping, Politics, Popular Culture, Science and Technology
Srinivas Chokkakula, PhD (2015) Area Studies, Community, Environment, Justice, Law, Mapping, Nationalism, Politics, Sustainability
Patricia Lopez, PhD (2014) Area Studies, Culture, Disease, Global, Health, Justice, Medicine, Neoliberalism, Politics, Poverty
The Grassroots and the Gift (2014) Chris Lizotte Civic Engagement, Critical Theory, Education, Ideology, Neoliberalism, Race and Ethnicity
Theron Stevenson, MA (2011) Area Studies, Citizenship, Environment, History, Ideology, Nationalism, Politics
Sara Gilbert, MA (2011) Culture, Global, Nationalism, Politics, Popular Culture
Ron Smith, PhD (2011) Area Studies, Citizenship, Critical Theory, Justice, Law, Nationalism, Politics, Popular Culture, Population, Transnational
Dominic Corva, PhD (2010) Adviser: Victoria Lawson Consumption, Economics, Law, Neoliberalism, Politics
Stephen Young, PhD (2010) Area Studies, Cities, Citizenship, Class, Critical Theory, Economics, Global, Poverty, Social Movements
Tony Sparks, PhD (2008) Cities, Citizenship, Housing, Justice, Politics, Poverty, Social Movements, Urban Studies
Doris Olivers, MA (2006) Citizenship, Critical Theory, Economics, Global, Justice, Neoliberalism, Popular Culture, Social Movements, Transnational
“The World Social Forum and the Lessons for Economic Geography,” (2005) Citizenship, Critical Theory, Economics, Global, Neoliberalism, Politics, Popular Culture, Public Scholarship, Transnational
Jackson Zimmerman, PhD (2001) Area Studies, Environment, Food, Politics, Sustainability, Transnational
Carolina Katz, MA (2000) Housing, Justice, Labor, Law, Politics, Poverty
Philip Craft, MA (1999) Class, Culture, Economics, Global, Popular Culture, Poverty, Transnational


Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Rod Palmquist, MA (Ongoing) Rod Palmquist Disease, Global, Health, Labor, Neoliberalism