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Image Short Title People Involved Related Fields
(Book Review Essay) In the Interior of Capital’s Exterminism   (2020) Christopher R. Cox Environment, Science and Technology, Sustainability
"The problem of visibility in LGBT human rights: a reply to Camminga and Mills" (2018) Phoebe Clark Feminism and Feminist Theory, Global, Law, Transgender Studies, Transnational
Book Cover. Soundscapes of Wellbeing in Popular Music [Book Review] (2016) Consumption, Global, Health, Politics, Popular Culture, Research Methods
Review Essay of Joseph Massad (2016) Class, Culture, Immigration, Migration, Nationalism, Popular Culture, Race and Ethnicity, Radical Pedagogy
Geographies of Globalization: A review (2016) Civic Engagement, Consumption, Economics, Education, Transnational
Faulty Presupposition and False Dichotomies... (2015) Critical Theory, Environment, Global, History
Book Review: "Lifeblood" by Matthew T. Huber (2014) Critical Theory, Environment, Neoliberalism, Sustainability
Review Essay of Ash Amin (2014) Citizenship, Class, Critical Theory, Culture, Popular Culture, Social Stratification/Inequality
Review of John Western (2013) Cities, Citizenship, Global, Migration, Race and Ethnicity, Urban Studies
Ethnography, Affect, Geography, and Unemployment (2012) Area Studies, Class, Economics, Poverty, Research Methods
Reflections on Poverty Capital (2012) Area Studies, Critical Theory, Economics, Poverty, Social Stratification/Inequality
Negotiating the Spatial Limitation of Seattle Citizenship (2009) Steve Herbert Urban Studies, Community
Globalization and Paul Farmer’s Reframing of Care (2006) Disease, Education, Global, Health, Medicine, Poverty, Race and Ethnicity, Radical Pedagogy


Short Title People Involved Related Fields
with Jamie Peck, 2016, “Introduction to Symposium on Brett Christophers’ The Great Leveler: Capitalism and Competition in the Court of Law,” Environment and Planning A (2016) Class, Critical Theory, Economics, Global, Law, Neoliberalism, Transnational