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perspectives on global interrelations
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Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Matthew Sparke, Political Geographies of Globalization: (1) Dominance (2004) Area Studies, Big Data, Citizenship, Critical Theory, Culture, Global, Nationalism, Politics
Triangulating the Borderless World (2004) Area Studies, Cities, Citizenship, Economics, Global, Transnational, Urban Studies
Life’s Work (2004) Class, Critical Theory, Culture, Economics, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Labor
Crossing the NeoLiberal Line (2004) Cities, Citizenship, Class, Critical Theory, Immigration, Migration, Nationalism, Race and Ethnicity, Transnational, Urban Studies
Commuting tolerance and residential change (2003) Suzanne Davies Withers Housing, Labor
Educating the National Citizen (2003) Education, Citizenship
Queer diffusion (2003) Michael Brown Queer Studies, Research Methods
“Neoliberal Geopolitics”   (2003) Class, Critical Theory, Global, Ideology, Neoliberalism, Politics
Matthew Sparke, 2003, “American Empire and Globalisation" (2003) Area Studies, Economics, Global, Ideology, Neoliberalism, Politics
Matthew Sparke and Victoria Lawson, 2004, “Entrepreneurial Political Geographies of the Global-Local Nexus,”  (2003) Victoria Lawson Class, Consumption, Critical Theory, Economics, Global, Ideology
Disabilities, Gender and Employment: Social Exclusion, Employment Equity and Canadian Banking (2003) Kim England Critical Theory, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Justice, Labor, Law, Population
A Companion Guide to Political Geography (2003) Class, Community, Critical Theory, Nationalism, Research Methods, Social Movements
Economic and class difference in America’s West (2002) Lucy Jarosz Class, Population, Poverty, Social Stratification/Inequality
Feminist readings of the subjects and spaces of globalization (2002) Victoria Lawson Feminism and Feminist Theory, Global, Economics
Not a State, but a State of Mind (2002) Critical Theory, Culture, Global, Politics, Transnational
Between Post-Colonialism and Cross-Border Regionalism (2002) Global, History, Ideology, Politics, Transnational
Quantitative Methods (2001) Suzanne Davies Withers Research Methods
GIS for group decision making (2001) Timothy Nyerges Geographic Information Systems
GIS-supported collaborative decision making (2001) Timothy Nyerges Geographic Information Systems
The potential of migrants' stories (2000) Victoria Lawson Migration, Economics, Social Stratification/Inequality
Food networks as social relations (2000) Lucy Jarosz Sustainability, Consumption, Food
Geography, ecology and emerging infectious diseases. (2000) Jonathan Mayer Health, Disease
Placing Interviews (2000) Sarah Elwood Research Methods
For Ethnography (2000) Steve Herbert Culture, Race and Ethnicity
Professional Geography and the Corporatization of the University (2000) Critical Theory, Education, Neoliberalism, Public Scholarship, Radical Pedagogy