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Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Health (2014) Matthew Sparke Big Data, Citizenship, Economics, Global, Justice, Medicine, Population, Transnational
Difference (2014) Katharyne Mitchell Critical Theory, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Poverty, Race and Ethnicity, Transnational
The Grassroots and the Gift (2014) Katharyne Mitchell, Chris Lizotte Civic Engagement, Critical Theory, Education, Ideology, Neoliberalism, Race and Ethnicity
Food Security Food Sovereignty (2014) Lucy Jarosz Environment, Food, Sustainability
Tracking Disease in Circuits of Capital (2014) Luke Bergmann Disease, Economics, Health
Cultural Politics at the Limits of Liberal Legibility (2013) Megan Ybarra Culture, Indigenous, Social Stratification/Inequality
Structured Participation Toolkit (2013) Timothy Nyerges Research Methods
Season is Associated with Disease Acquisition (2013) Jonathan Mayer Disease, Health
CyberGIS Design Considerations (2013) Timothy Nyerges Geographic Information Systems
Historical Geography and Scale (2013) Michael Brown History
Gender and Sexuality (2013) Michael Brown Queer Studies, Population
The Spatial Politics of Affect and Emotion in Participatory GIS (2013) Jason C. Young Geographic Information Systems, Indigenous, Mapping, Science and Technology
Review of John Western (2013) Katharyne Mitchell Cities, Citizenship, Global, Migration, Race and Ethnicity, Urban Studies
Geographies of power (2013) Matthew Sparke Area Studies, Cities, Economics, Global, Transnational
Intergenerational Mapping and the Cultural Politics of Memory (2013) Katharyne Mitchell, Sarah Elwood Cities, Citizenship, Civic Engagement, Critical Theory, Culture, Education, Geovisualization, Mapping
Another Politics is Possible (2013) Katharyne Mitchell, Sarah Elwood Cities, Civic Engagement, Education, Geovisualization, Mapping
A a Worldly Cultural Geography of Occupy Activism (2013) Matthew Sparke Citizenship, Critical Theory, Global, Social Movements, Transnational
Carbon Economic Geographies of Globalization (2013) Luke Bergmann Environment, Global
Sedimented counterinsurgency practices in contemporary Guatemalan conservation (2012) Megan Ybarra Environment, Justice
Mapping Children's Politics (2012) Katharyne Mitchell, Sarah Elwood Mapping
Epidemiology of Inequality (2012) Matthew Sparke Health, Social Stratification/Inequality
Coevolutionary Approach to Capitalist Space Economy (2012) Luke Bergmann Economics, Global
Gender and Sexuality (2012) Michael Brown Queer Studies, Population
Social Dimensions of Wind Energy Conflict (2012) Christine Biermann Environment, Sustainability
The Use of Participatory Mapping in Ethnobiological Research (2012) Jason C. Young Environment, Indigenous, Mapping, Research Methods