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Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Geographies of Globalization: A review (2016) Matthew Sparke Civic Engagement, Consumption, Economics, Education, Transnational
Re-Spatializing Transnational Citizenship (2016) Katharyne Mitchell Citizenship, Culture, Economics, Ideology, Race and Ethnicity, Transnational
Celebrity Humanitarianism (2016) Katharyne Mitchell Citizenship, Culture, Economics, Global, Ideology, Nationalism, Race and Ethnicity, Transnational
Multiculturalism (2016) Katharyne Mitchell Cities, Citizenship, Critical Theory, Immigration, Migration, Race and Ethnicity, Transnational
Transnationalism. (2016) Katharyne Mitchell Citizenship, Economics, Migration, Race and Ethnicity, Transnational
Crime and the Global City (2016) Katharyne Mitchell, Key MacFarlane Cities, Class, Critical Theory, Global, Ideology, Law, Migration, Neoliberalism, Race and Ethnicity, Urban Studies
Governing Through Failure (2016) Katharyne Mitchell, Chris Lizotte Cities, Civic Engagement, Class, Community, Critical Theory, Education, Neoliberalism, Race and Ethnicity
Neoliberalism and Citizenship (2016) Katharyne Mitchell Citizenship, Critical Theory, Global, Neoliberalism, Transnational
Rethinking Lactation Space (2016) Feminism and Feminist Theory, Justice, Labor
Health and the Embodiment of Neoliberalism (2016) Matthew Sparke Citizenship, Class, Critical Theory, Disease, Food, Global, Health, Medicine, Neoliberalism, Social Stratification/Inequality
Urban Places: Statistical Definitions (2015) Kam Wing Chan Urban Studies
Negotiating Poverty and Privilege (2015) Sarah Elwood, Victoria Lawson Poverty, Population
Environmental Politics After Nature (2015) Christine Biermann Environment
Migration and Development in China (2015) Kam Wing Chan Population, Urban Studies, Migration
Migration, Mobility, and Community Change in Chinese Cities (2015) Kam Wing Chan Migration, Population
Cohen and Lizotte 2015 (2015) Chris Lizotte Education, Neoliberalism, Urban Studies
Women’s magazines and socioeconomic change  (2015) Mónica Farías Class, Politics, Popular Culture, Urban Studies
Contesting Hunger Discourses (2015) Consumption, Food, Global, Poverty
Nurses across Borders: Global Migration of Registered Nurses to the US (2015) Kim England Economics, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Health, Immigration, Labor, Migration, Politics, Race and Ethnicity, Transnational
Faulty Presupposition and False Dichotomies... (2015) Critical Theory, Environment, Global, History
'The Elusive Inclusive: Black food geographies and racialized food spaces' (2015) Agriculture, Community, Food, Race and Ethnicity, Social Movements, Urban Studies
Contesting Hunger Discourses (2015) Class, Consumption, Economics, Food, History, Poverty, Social Movements
Technology Memory, and Collective Knowing (2015) Katharyne Mitchell, Sarah Elwood Critical Theory, Culture, Geographic Information Systems, Geovisualization
Demanding Life’s Work (2015) Katharyne Mitchell Class, Critical Theory, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Ideology
Intergenerational Mapping (2015) Katharyne Mitchell, Sarah Elwood Civic Engagement, Community, Critical Theory, Education, Geovisualization, Mapping, Race and Ethnicity