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Society and Space.
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Conservation & Society


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Deforestation, cultivation, and population growth in colonial Madagascar (1993) Lucy Jarosz Food, Population
Lizotte 2013 (Completed/published) Chris Lizotte Education, Neoliberalism, Urban Studies


Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Urban politics as the unfolding of social relations in place (2018) Michael Brown Cities, Health, History, Politics, Queer Studies, Urban Studies
Handbook of Critical Physical Geography (2018) Christine Biermann Environment, Justice, Mapping, Research Methods, Science and Technology, Sustainability
Matthew Sparke, “Textbooks as Opportunities for Interdisciplinarity and Planetarity,” in review (2018) Critical Theory, Education, Global, Neoliberalism, Public Scholarship
“Nazism, Neoliberalism and the Trumpist Challenge to Democracy,” Environment and Planning A. (2017) Citizenship, Civic Engagement, Critical Theory, History, Ideology, Nationalism, Neoliberalism, Politics, Public Scholarship
with Jamie Peck, 2016, “Introduction to Symposium on Brett Christophers’ The Great Leveler: Capitalism and Competition in the Court of Law,” Environment and Planning A (2016) Class, Critical Theory, Economics, Global, Law, Neoliberalism, Transnational
A Thousand CEOs: Relational Thought, Processual Space, and Deleuzian Ontology in Human Geography and Strategic Management (Forthcoming) Critical Theory, Economics, Education


Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Please see my other page for updated research. (Ongoing) Area Studies, Critical Theory, Culture, Economics, Environment, Geographic Information Systems, Global, Health, Mapping, Population